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Overdue Receivable in Tally 9.0

This is a list of all sales invoices that are due as of the specified period.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Exception Reports > Overdue Receivables

Overdue Receivable in Tally9
Overdue by Days :

According to the period specified, Overdue by days will be displayed.  By default it will calculate overdue days
from the date of ‘Due On’.

F12:Configuration in Overdue Receivables screen:

Press F12: Configuration and set ‘Include Post-Dated Transactions’, ‘Show Opening Amount’ to Yes

Overdue Receivable in Tally9
Overdue Receivable in Tally9

Post-Dated Amount

In the above screen, the period is selected from 1st April 2008 to 30th September 2008.  On 2nd May 2008,
Customer-Chennai is having Pending Amount of Rs. 10,250/- but customer-Chennai has given the Post-Dated cheque
for Rs. 2,000/-, i.e., cheque dated after 30th September 2008. And if you wish to view the details of this customer with
Final Balance (Pending Amount – Post-Dated Amount) as on 30th September 2008, you need to enable ‘Include Post-Dated
Transactions’ in F12:Configuration.

Show Overdue using Bill Date :
In F12: Configuration screen set Show overdue using Bill Date to Yes.
Overdue Receivable in Tally9
Overdue Receivable in Tally9

When you enable ‘Show overdue using Bill Date’, you can view the ageing days due by ‘Bill date’.

For ex: in the above screen. Bill Date is on 01.04.2008 and Due on date is on 01.05.2008, when you set the
option ‘Show overdue using Bill Date’ to Yes, it will calculate the ‘Age of Bill in Days’ from the date of Bill not from
the due on date.

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