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Tracking Number in Tally 9.0

A Tracking number is the reference to have a link between transactions. For example, if Tracking Number is selected
in the Delivery Note, this will help you to automatically display the details of the items in the Sales Invoice.

The tracking number pop-up list appears after you have entered the name of the item.

Note: To get the Tracking number in the Item Allocation screen, enable Use Tracking Numbers (Delivery/Receipt Notes)
in F11: Features > F2: Inventory Features.

A default list will contain the following.

Tracking Number in Tally9

Tracking No: 01 - When the tracking number (01) is given in the delivery note and when you track this from
List of Tracking Numbers in the sales invoice; the quantity, rate and amount will be displayed automatically.

New number – Enter a new number, if the tracking number is other than the default tracking number available
in the List of Tracking Numbers.


You can create a Sales bill first and then later deliver the goods. In order to track the bills with the relevant
delivery challan, a New Tracking Number is used.

Not applicable – If you do not want a tracking number, then select Not Applicable.

This may be used in cases where you want to update stocks immediately, when Goods are received or
delivered directly without receipt note or delivery note.


When you send out samples for approval and you do not want to raise delivery note. Likewise when you
receive samples but no receipt note is raised.

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