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PayRoll Configuration (F12)in Tally 9.0

The Payroll Configuration can be enabled as shown below:

Gateway of Tally > F12: Configure > Payroll Configuration

PayRoll Configure in Tally9
  • The option Show Statutory Details (for India/ SAARC companies only) can be set to Yes to enter the PF, ESI
    and PF PAN
    details in the Employee Master Creation screen and print the same information in the Employee

Note: For International Companies the option Show Statutory Details will allow to capture only the Employee’s
Income Tax Number in the Employee Creation screen.

  • The options, Show Passport & Visa Details and Show Contract Details, should be set to Yes as shown, to
    capture the information regarding the Employee Passport Number, Passport Expiry date, Visa Number, Visa
    Expiry date, Contract Start and Expiry dates in the Employee Master and to display the same in the Expat

  • The option Show Deactivated Employees can be set to No, to avoid displaying the names of the resigned
    employees in the Attendance and Payroll Vouchers.

  • The content in the Information in Payment Advice field will be printed in the Payment Advice sheet.

  • Press Enter to accept and save.

Five Easy Steps to Generate a Payslip :
The new enhanced Payroll in Tally.ERP 9 requires minimal effort for accurate processing. It takes only five easy steps
to process payroll and generate Payslip in Tally.ERP 9.
Easy Step to PayRoll in Tally9

Step 1: Create Employee Masters

Create an Employee master. Enter the requisite Employee Details & Employee group by grouping employees under
the function they perform; their department or designation.

Step 2: Create Payroll Masters

Create the Payroll Units. Create the Attendance/Production Type to record the Attendance and Production details.

Step 3: Create Pay Heads

The components of structured salary are created under Pay Head.

Create the salary structure components in pay head. The Pay head creation in Tally.ERP 9 is very user friendly.
Tally.ERP 9 allows creating any complex type of pay head.

Step 4: Create Salary Details

Create the applicable Salary Details for both Employee Groups as well as Individual Employees with earnings,
deductions and basis of computation.

Step 5: Process Payroll and Generate Payslip

Pass a Payroll Voucher to enter all Earnings and Deductions in payroll transactions that are paid along with the
Salary Payslip for all employees.

Generate the Payslip that provides employee as well as attendance details, itemises each component of the
employee’s  earnings and deductions, and displays the net amount paid to him for a given pay period. It also
provides information to the employee as to how the net amount was arrived at.

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