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1.2. Payroll Information
       1.2.1.  Tally Pay Heads

          Creating an Earning Pay Head
          Creating a Deduction Pay Head
          Creating an Earning Pay Head
          Creating Salary Payable Ledger
          Creating Gratuity Pay Head
       1.2.2.  Employee Group
          Creating a Single Employee Group
          Creating Multiple Employee Group
       1.2.3.  Creating an Employee
       1.2.4.  Pay Structure Details
          Creating Salary Details for an Employee Group
          Creating Salary Details for an Employee
       1.2.5.  Units ( Time / Works)
          Create Simple Unit for ‘Mth’ & ‘Day’
          Create Compound Unit for ‘Mth of 30 Days’
       1.2.6.  Attendance / Production Type
          Creating an Attendance / Production Type for Attendance/Leave with Pay.
          Creating an Attendance/Production Type for Production

Payroll Information in Tally.ERP9
Payroll Information in Tally.ERP9
Payroll Information in Tally.ERP9
Payroll Information in Tally.ERP9
Payroll Information in Tally.ERP9
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